December 13, 2018 | 10:46 am
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For tool kit and book orders, Maryland residents add 5% sales tax. Shipping and handling: $5 for tool kit, $5 for 1 book, $2 for each additonal book sent to the same address.


Contemporary Neon
Rudi Stern. Over 350 full-color photos of sculpture, architecture, graphics and products. Out of print – limited supply. 192pp. $39.95

Las Vegas Lights
235 brilliant color images. 160 pp. $29.95

The Light Artist Anthology
Christian Scheiss. 15 leading artists from Europe and North America use neon light as art. 144pp. $39.95

Los Angeles Neon
Over 350 dynamic color photos. 176 pp. $29.95

The Magic Sign
Charles F. Bernard. The electric art and architecture of LasVegas. History and fabrication of the city’s “spectaculars.” 328pp. $59.95

Neon ABC Books (3)
Dean Blazek. Lettering styles. Each lettering step is detailed. 1 – Single and double stroke. 2 – Script capital and lower case. 3 – Roman capitals, lower case and Broadway. 160pp. each. $25.00 each

Neon Engineers Notebook
Morgan Crook and Jacob Fishmann. Techniques for improving the bending skills of novices and seasoned professionals. 153 pp. $39.95

Neon Lovers Glow in the Dark
Lili Lakich. Founder of the Museum of Neon Art in LosAngeles. Drawings and photos of her neon art and installations. 96pp. $25.95

Neon Nevada
Sheila Swan and Peter Laufer. Many historic signs have been produced, maintained and destroyed there. Out of print – limited supply. 91pp. $49.95

The Neon Superguide
Randall Caba. Chock-full of practical tube-bending techniques, info on equipment and supplies. 235 pp. $29.95

Neon Techniques and Handling
Wayne Strattman. Forth edition – neon industry’s “bible.” Fundamentals of fabrication, equipment, specialty neon, lighting displays. 233pp. $39.95

Neon: The Next Generation
Dean and Michael Blazek. Shop layout, equipment, supplies, sign assembly and more. 250pp. $34.95

The New Let There Be Neon
Rudi Stern. The history of neon as art. Photos, including the fabrication process. 160pp. $34.95

Neon World
Dusty Sprengnagel. 350 photos of neon signs, graphics, artwork from around the world by award-winning designer. 228pp. $44.95

Vintage Neon
Len Davidson. Over 350 photos of superb vintage signs. 151 pp. $59.95

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The following tools are included in the tuition of the ONE WEEK INTENSIVES PROGRAMS. It may be purchased at any time for $60.

Transformer Load Chart
4′ Blowhose & Swivel
2 Mouthpieces
Red Grease Pencil
Safety Glasses
Assorted Corks
6″ Metal File
Burn Cream
Small Cloth


  • George

    I’m interested in ordering some books. Do you have all 3 volumes of Dean Blazek’s Neon ABCs? I’ll like a copy of each of those, and probably a couple others – haven’t made up my mind about others yet. I’m primarily interested in glass bending techniques. Thanks.



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