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Q. What can I expect to learn from your school?
A. You will learn the basics of neon glass tube bending and the neon industry. The emphasis of this course is to introduce and train the student to recognize and learn what is required to make strong accurate bends. You will also learn about different types of glass, neon applications, design, sign construction, and a plethora of the facets that are the foundation of the neon industry.

Q. Can I visit your school?
A. Yes! We welcome and encourage prospective students to visit the school, talk with us, and even try your hand at bending some glass.

Q. How many students do you have in each class?
A. Currently we allow for a Maximum of four students during one class schedule. We prefer to have a high teacher to student ratio so our students obtain the best training and hands-on experience available.

Q. Do I need to bring any special tools or equipment?
A. The basic tools will be provided upon your enrollment. No additional tools or aids are required.

Q. Can you recommend a place to stay?
A. We have arrangements with local hotels, please call for details

Q. Will I receive a “certificate of completion” after I complete the course?
A. Yes. You will be proudly presented with a “Certificate of Completion” on your last day of class.

Q. What should I do after I complete the course to continue improving my skills?
A. Continued education and skill development is a necessity. Skills and techniques may be developed by practicing class taught techniques. We recommend that all graduates have, at a minimum, a set a fires for continued practice. Also, as you develop and enter the industry you will have many opportunities to learn from others.

Q. How much does the neon manufacturing equipment cost?
A. Just like any industry the barriers to entry vary. A complete set-up (equipment alone) can run from $10k-25K depending on manufacturer, quality, and “extras”. Refurbished or pre-owned set-ups are less expensive and usually available.


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