December 13, 2018 | 11:06 am
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Learning a new craft is much like jumping into a great new adventure! Curiosity, excitement and apprehension actually stimulate and sharpen the senses. Hands-on exploration of manipulating hot glass, color, form, light and shadow enhances experiences in every area of life! I’m privileged to be your guide.

I have been training people in the craft and science of neon tube bending since 1988. As a result, I have established breakthrough training techniques. Through these techniques, students quickly and easily discover the oftentimes illusive intricacies of manipulating hot glass to achieve exceptional results in a remarkably short period of time.

Because small classes provide an intimate environment, you will have individualized personal attention to support you through your learning experience. A maximum of four students, except where noted, insures this exceptional learning environment. Each student will have their own fully equipped work station and the supplies necessary to complete their project. Take it home and turn it on! Most projects illuminate with the included transformer, except where noted.

These “neon explorations” will be initiated from territory perhaps familiar to you, the workshop themes. No prior experience with glass or fire is necessary. Your ideas and sentiments will speak a brand new bright language which was unknown, unimaginable and unexperienced pre-neon!

This package of workshops has been developed and scheduled to best serve the diverse interests of many explorers. To accommodate the sponaneities of life and one’s personal calendar, a class may be arranged to suit your needs. No prior experience with glass or fire is necessary. Minimum age is 12. Information on materials and studio access will be provided.

Experience the basic flavour of neon crafting on a ONE DAY walk-about, during which eclectic and often utilitarian artifacts are produced.

Spend TWO DAYS translating into neon those particular cultural symbols with which you may already be conversant.

Cover extensive ground in ONE week intensives while giving particular attention to the sign lettering process.

The FOUR WEEK immersion, taught one-on-one, brings home a self-sustaining neon (artist/sign) person.
Take it home and turn it on!

Neon instructor and owner of Savage Neon, Inc., Haley Ryane received her training from the Paris School of Neon, Kansas City, Missouri. Ms. Ryane also holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Industrial Design from the Philadelphia College of Art, now known as the University of the Arts.

“I am delighted to share my knowledge of the many aspects of neon. Sparking a student’s discovery of new ways to think and see the world through neon eyes is what has me be a teacher.”


  • Jim Richards

    I am working on a project to make a Geiger Muller pancake style tube and found that it requires a Penning mixture of neon and argon in a 97/3 percent mixture. Does your gas come premixed or do you adjust the mix yourself? The gas pressure in the tube is .1 atmosphere. There is no mercury added. The GM tube would be either glass or metal with one end closed with sheet mica. Roughly 3 inches in diameter and about 1/2 inch deep. Is this something that is possible for you to do?
    Not sure if you remember me, I had The Glass Edge in Savage Mill.


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