December 13, 2018 | 10:34 am

Savage Neon, Inc. is your host for Adventures In Neon! Hands-on workshops. Explore the links below to find out about the many different and unusual classes in neon lights fabrication, as well as other great items for sale.

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Interested in learning how to make neon window signs? Savage Neon offers anyone entering the field of neon glass blowing a rare opportunity to learn the technique and art of this highly specialized trade. Taught by professionals that have worked in the field for at least 20 years, each student will receive one-on-one instruction in the proven methods of neon glass bending, bombarding and pumping, pattern making, neon wiring and installation.

The course consists of over 200 hours of intensive training. Additionally, students will have the option to attend additional follow-up sessions after completing the course. The first follow-up session begins three months after graduation, and the second session starts six months later.

Since a small class provides a more intimate learning experience, you’ll gain the benefit of personal attention. Each class has a maximum size of 4 students, in all but the rarest cases. This small class size ensures that you’ll get the most for your money. Additionally, every student is provided an indivcidual, fully equipped work area as well as all supplies needed to complete the workshops. You’ll create real neon, that you can take home and use! We also include a ballast that will light any of the projects you create.

We’ve been teaching people in both the art and science of handcrafted neon for over 20 years. This unique experience means that our training classes are optimized, and focus on the most important aspects of the process. Students comment that they are able to quickly master even the trickier aspects of glass bending and shaping, and are able produce beautiful pieces on their own, right after the training is completed.